Black Tie Events – How to Get Ready?

Many of us have heard about black tie events, but not everyone has attended one of these classy occasions. There are also a lot of people who don’t know anything about this sort of events that have a special dress code related to them. So, how do you prepare for an event that you know little or nothing about? Well, you do some simple research, and try to look your best at the black tie event you have been invited to.


The Invitation Might Give You a Clue


When it comes to black tie occasions, hosts of these sophisticated events should send you an invitation to the event. If all is according to the rules, then a host should give you an idea of what you should wear. The invitation should firstly state the type of occasion, in this case black tie, and provide you with one or two short lines about the outfits that would be acceptable. So, the invitation might say that you can wear a knee-long dress, which can narrow down your choices a lot, thus help you find the perfect dress more easily.


Finding the Perfect Outfit for Black Tie Events – Is It All That Simple?


Common sense will do the equation, and make you answer this question in a positive manner. However, reality is somewhat different, and the answer to the question is – no, it is not simple at all. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that women spend a lot more time getting ready than men, even if they just want to have a quick snack in the café across the street. Not to be taken wrongly, when they are ready, women do look stunning, and every second they spent getting ready is well worth it – eventually.


However, the truth is that women do spend a lot of time on deciding what they’ll wear for the occasion, and to make things ‘worse’, the length of dresses required for black tie can be almost any length – women are allowed to wear dresses that reach their ankles, dresses below knees, and even dresses above the knees have become acceptable. When compared to earlier definitions of women’s wear for black tie, today there are a lot more options to choose from and this includes dress’ length, color, fashion designer, and so on.


Is Everything Allowed?


There a lot of websites that offer to provide you with all the information you can possibly need when it comes to black tie events. These online sources will most commonly come in forms of ‘black tie guides’, ‘black tie 101’s’ and so forth. While it is great to always be able to find out what you need, you might also face a real dilemma when reading about black tie dresses. To put it simply, some people will say that short dresses are just fine; while other sources might claim that you should stick to the rules and wear a long dress. So, what to do in a situation like this? You should decide whether you would be comfortable wearing a short dress, and even be the only one dressed in this manner. If you decide not to experiment too much, a long dress will look just wonderful on you.


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