Mistakes Women Make Getting Ready for a Black Tie Event

What Are the Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Getting Ready for a Black Tie Event?


Fashion choices can so easily turn into a real disaster – one foot wrong, or more precisely one shoe wrong, and you’ll fall between two stools. If, for instance, you choose to wear shoes that are inappropriate for a certain occasion, you won’t be able to enjoy your outfit even if you choose the most beautiful dress in the world, and you certainly won’t be getting a fashion award. So, how do people manage to build their own style that suits them best? They try, and work really hard, until they are ready to say they are comfortable in their clothes, or should we say, in their shoes?


The Pressure That Comes With Black Tie Events


The fact is that black tie events bring along a sense of formality. This is why a lot of people get really stressed when the time comes to choose the outfit for this occasion. No one wants to be the center of attention, or at least not the center of negative attention. We all want to look our best at black tie events, and it is safe to say that both men and women pay attention to every detail so as to look amazing in the end. Regardless of the fact that these events should be all about socializing with other guests and enjoying the occasion, for many these events are real challenges.


What Women Shouldn’t Wear When Going to a Black Tie Event?


Women are given a lot of options when it comes to choosing a black tie dress. They can choose to wear a floor-length dress, but they can also opt for a shorter variant – there are no strict rules here. On the other hand, there are some unwritten rules about what is appropriate for black tie events. The fact is that you cannot choose any color you want, any material and any length of a black tie dress, despite of the fact that you won’t find a lot of information about which colors are acceptable and despite that some would say all colors are acceptable. Most sources will tell you to wear anything that you feel comfortable in. However, in order to avoid making mistakes, try to choose a color that will be pleasing to the eye.


So, What Are The Most Common Mistakes?


It is not only a black tie event that relies on the minimalism but a great number of other occasions. Namely, today ‘the less’ seems to be the most popular as well as the most tasteful choice in the world of fashion. This is why many would consider that you are not appropriately dressed for a black tie event if you overdo everything. This means that it would be a wrong decision to wear a dress that has too many small details on it, heavy makeup is also becoming outdated, and in most cases you’d be just fine with some mascara, and a tastefully chosen lipstick. This also means that you shouldn’t wear too many pieces of jewelry.


In conclusion, you should try to simplify your outfit, and in a great number of situations you will look perfect. Remember, less is more!


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